Saechaao Explores: Jesse McCartney – Better With You Tour


“You might need time to think it over, But I’m just fine moving forward, I’ll ease your mind, If you give me the chance, I will never make you cry c’mon let’s try” – JMac – Beautiful Soul

A few month’s back in the beginning of the year, Jesse McCartney released a new single called “Better With You”. Before I even heard the song, I instantly was brought back to my younger years where I would “stan” for him. He was probably one of the few artists I was obsessed with as a kid, and maybe as a young adult.

Following the song came a US Tour that I knew I had to make happen for my soul sister and myself. As soon as pre-sales came out, I instantly went and purchased them.


Showing up four hours early, and waiting in line with a bunch of girls ended up being worth it. We bypassed the crowd and made it possible for us to be in the second and third row to the stage.

If you read this far, dope. The night was amazing. My feet hurt. I mean I literally took my shoes off while standing in the audience half the time. I almost lost my voice, and my ears couldn’t stop ringing.

Until Next Time




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